Alpha Phenomics

Bringing IMAGENOMICS™ to Precision Livestock Farming

Welcome to the future of farming

Alpha Phenomics is an Alberta-based technology company whose sole focus is to improve the efficiency of animal protein production.

With the use of innovative camera technology, we’re able to offer our customers a way to produce more animal protein from less. The state-of-the-art technology is practical, easy to use, and applicable to all animal protein producers, whether they produce milk, beef, pork, eggs, or poultry. Alpha Phenomics works to make our farming and ranching partners more profitable through our IMAGENOMICS™ operating system , which provides an early warning system for a wide variety of potential issues.

We seek to provide solutions through disruptive, data-driven technology that will lead to optimal animal protein production. This optimization not only leads to increased profits, but also a reduced carbon footprint and higher levels of animal welfare.


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