About Alpha Phenomics

Alpha Phenomics is an Alberta-based technology company providing disruptive imaging technology. 

The AlphaPhenomics IMAGENOMICS™ operating system, provides an early warning system for a wide variety of potential issues across a number of disciplines.

Human Bio-Monitoring and Access Control

With the use of innovative camera technology, we’re able to offer access control solutions using heat-mapping and scanning technology to minimize the risk of disease transmission.  Scanning can identify those beginning to exhibit symptoms before the infected parties even know they are sick.

Livestock Health and Efficiency 

Using a similar technology and software approach, AlphaPhenomics and Biondi Engineering offer a new way for producers to manage Agri-business.  The state-of-the-art technology is practical, easy to use, and applicable to all animal protein producers, whether they produce milk, beef, pork, eggs, or poultry. 



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