Full Body Biometric Real Time Analysis

Non-invasive, Ultra-high Welfare

  • Body Weight through rearing to point of First Service
  • Daily Live Weight Gain correlated over time
  • Body Weight data correlated to Optimal Milk Yield
  • Optimal Management of ‘each’ dairy cow – Feed to Breed
  • Fat accumulation analysis correlated to Optimal Reproductive Efficiency
  • Body Condition Score through the production cycle to Maximise Herd Health
  • 3D Body Conformation including % lean, % fat and % bone
  • Correlated non-visceral organ weight
  • Maximal Udder Health
  • Infrared Thermography (AT model only)
  • 3D correlated to the ICAR classification of udder, feet, and legs in Real Time
  • ICAR Linear Assessment for full body biometric classification prior to breeding
  • Locomotion and lameness assessment daily
  • Bio-surveillance for viraemic and bacterial infection, enhanced with AT model Infrared Themography

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4DRT-T(A) Datasheet (PDF) 1.57mb


Fast, easy data capture of your cows

The Biondi 4DRT-A(T) system is an innovative device based on patented technologies that collects and measures data from your dairy cows in Real-Time.

24/7 Non-invasive Measurement of your herd

The weight, body conformation, and main traits of each individual dairy cow are collected through captured images as cows walk underneath of or past the Biondi 4DRT-A(T) system.

Accuracy and traceability

With the RFID reader option, the system can interface with your existing parlour management software to optimise individual cow traceability.

The 4D and microwave functionality of the camera allow highly reliable and repeatable results as lactating cows enter the parlour for milking.

The data is accurate irrespective of the breed, size or age of your dairy cows.

Engineered for working on your farm

The compact and rugged design of the Biondi 4DRT camera has been engineered to tolerate the heavy duty conditions that are encountered on commercial dairy farms, even harsh and dusty environments.