lmagenomics™ 3D thermal imaging in real-time

Let People in, Keep Covid out.

t-Check is an instant, real-time, 3D thermal imaging camera system designed to maintain health and well-being within a business, automatically locking out any potential carriers of disease and infection.

Now more than ever, the ability to keep illness out of businesses is essential to daily operation and long-term success. The temperatures derived from infrared (thermal) imaging systems can indicate the presence of disease or infection even before symptoms appear.

t-Check can work within a stand-alone configuration or within a network, on ethernet or WiFi. In the event of an alarm, it can send messages, emails and generate alarms to lock or unlock access gates. It can function as an RFID access control terminal and can interface with third-party management software and company databases as required. It allows for the integration of third-party applications to ensure that it can be configured to specific customized tasks and solutions.

Ideal for identifying risks in institutional access of large groups like corporate settings, or educational institutions, t-Check can be deployed for passive monitoring or access control.

t-Check by Alphaphenomics and Biondi Engineering

Current methods of temperature monitoring, such as non-contact digital thermometers or temperature guns, have many problems.  Guns can be inaccurate, are prone to errors due to operator error, and must often be used at very close range for accuracy.  t-Check™ solves many of these problems, and more.

 t-Check™Non-contact Digital
ResolutionHD Laser ScanLD, Small pixel count
ImageHD 3D Thermal ImageN/A
Temperature ReadingCoreSkin surface
Accuracy+/- 0.3 ⁰C+/- 2.0 ⁰C
Staff RequiredNoYes
Social Distancing MaintainedYesNo
Archived HistoryYesNo
Fever Alerts for Manual ScreeningYes (email with photo)No


t-Check™ monitors Core Temperature – that of the internal organs which show only minor variation in healthy individuals and is the best indicator of health. Core temperature is best measured at the inner tear ducts of the eyes and is where t-Check™ measures core temperature.

The highly accurate technology in t-Check allows you to measure the temperature of incoming staff and visitors without putting your staff or company at risk. This non-invasive system ensures the heath and safety of your operation, keeping you in business.


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