Livestock Health and Efficiency

Global consumption of meat and milk is increasing at an unsustainable rate. Alpha Phenomics seeks to provide a solution to this international issue through disruptive, data-driven technology that will lead to maximized protein and milk production with a reduced carbon footprint through precision management of livestock performance.

Our Game-Changing Technology Is Revolutionizing Agri-Business

The technology Alpha Phenomics has developed enables producers to measure and value their animals non-invasively.  They are able to use the biometric data collected to make informed decisions that will improve livestock welfare while maintaining high levels of protein production.  The technology provides a real-time assessment of weight, weight change over time, genetic potential of a phenotype, muscle mass index, body composition, carcass composition, indication of thermal efficiency, and more.

The hardware and software products have been thoroughly tested and validated in the bovine, porcine, and equine markets with a number of active research facilities and high profile, high visibility customers through pre-pay contracted transactions or application licenses.

Users are able to pre-pay for a number of ‘clicks’ that capture data and consequently create a bespoke package of information to address their needs. Alpha Phenomics owns significant Intellectual Property and a substantial list of patents related to 2D/3D/4D image capture for hardware and software.

How Our Technology Can Transform Your Business

Our technology provides users with real-time data that enables them to more accurately predict outcomes and optimize their processes. Users can make decisions on elements such as nutrition programs or the environment around livestock in order to maximize the kilograms of milk, meat, and egg protein produced and to maximize lean tissue growth. The data can also serve as an early warning system through the use of metabolic surveillance for the prediction of disease and viral or bacterial infections.
Alpha Phenomics is about efficiency, ethical production, and excellence. Let us help take your agri-business to the next level.